Receding gums can ruin your smile and lead to unnecessary pain. How to avoid

Receding Gum

Gum recession is a periodontal condition where the visible part of the gum (gingiva) around the tooth will recede exposing the root of the tooth. The exposed roots become sensitive, prone to decay and your smile is ruined!

A receding gum: sensitive red gingiva and exposed root.

If receding gums are left alone too long gum graft surgery, a specialised periodontal technique, must be used to restore the gums buts lets see what can be done to avoid getting to this point.




What causes receding gums?

Gingivitis and the more severe state of Periodontitis are the major  contributing factors of gum recession, but what are they?

Both are stages of Periodontal disease which will be determined by a Periodontist.


Several techniques exist for treating recession.  Firstly, a periodontist will diagnose the stage and severity of periodontal disease.  A preventive procedure may be advised initially to stop the further recession. The later stages will need pin hole surgery or gum graft surgery.

Pin hole surgery involves pulling the surrounding gum, via a pin hole created by dental surgeon, back over the exposed tooth.

For gum graft surgery the dental surgeon will cover the exposed area of root with a healthy patch of gum. The healthy gum will bind to the surrounding area of gum within two to three months.


General good oral hygiene such as flossing, regular brushing, brushing technique and antiseptic mouthwash will help keep your teeth healthy or stop any further recession.

Special dental conditions such as tooth grinding require extra attention.  Tooth grinding would require a mouth-guard at night to prevent extra pressure on the tooth.  

The best prevention is to visit your dentist.