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Advanced Periodontology & Implantology

Advanced Periodontology & Implantology

Dr Meizi completed her specialisation in Bern University, studying under Anton Sculean, ranked as number ONE in the world for Periodontology. Dr Meizi’s clinic leads the way achieving the highest success rates for gum recession procedures

Dr Meizi Eliezer | ד
Based on 134 reviews
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I came to Dr. Maisie with terrible damage to my gums and front teeth due to medical negligence in another clinic.Severe bone deficiency, receding gums, inflammation..I went through a very complex treatment and rehabilitation process with her, in whichShe treated like an angel, by the hand of a craftsman.She always welcomes and loves, listens and supports the whole process. I reach her and am calm.God sent me to specialist number 1❤️Thank you Dr. Maisie, it goes without saying that I had the privilege of being treated by you.I recommend her a thousand times!!
Anat ben-galAnat ben-gal
16:30 14 Sep 23
I came to Dr. Maisie with an unstable, unhealthy and esthetic mouth.She was so kind, professional and dedicated!In my wildest dreams I did not believe that my mouth would be healthy and with a perfect smile.A brilliant, human and inspiring doctor!Whoever reaches her will win and benefit greatly ❤️
Lior Bar DavidLior Bar David
10:00 05 Sep 23
We came to Dr. Maisie in order to remove a blister (mucocele) from the gums of our 4-year-old daughter, with a laser, thus avoiding surgery under full anesthesia.Dr. Maisie and her team were kind, reassuring and professional. The treatment was performed professionally and quickly and most importantly with local anesthesia only!We warmly and wholeheartedly recommend 🙏🏻
Julia EilatJulia Eilat
08:51 16 Aug 23
I was referred to Dr. Meizi Eliezer for treatment of a tooth withexternal cervical resorption. She performed the restoration underneath a flap which healed and became undetectable after a few days. Very happy with work beautifully executed.
ettyka Krammerettyka Krammer
11:03 15 Aug 23
Dr. Maisie is the doctor for healthy dental care, who makes a corrective experience for everything we've ever known.. one and only! Professional, pleasant and one of a kind. She is also great with children! I had a surgical wisdom tooth extraction and I didn't feel anything... neither the anesthesia nor any pain afterwards. An amazing experience that I didn't know existed. My daughter had 4 milk teeth extracted in one day and it was excellent. Thank you and you my love 💚💚💚
Omer BeerOmer Beer
09:17 27 Jul 23
Amazing doctor
Irina GermanIrina German
14:32 24 Jun 23
Dr. Maisie is gorgeous,I owe it to Marr that I didn't see the magic (before) although I worked with expert Dr. Mayer for 14 years and it doesn't even come close to the quality and investment in your work ❤️ The results of your work are stunning! and in a short timeYou are amazing, you are simply a queen 🌹
Dan KatzDan Katz
12:29 16 Jun 23
For anyone looking for a first class dentist - fresh testimony from someone who just left Dr. Maisie's clinic:My name is Dan Katz. I just came out of surgical treatment - extraction of a cracked tooth and bone grafting including membrane suturing.I arrived at the clinic with understandable concerns, but they disappeared immediately when I sat down on the chair;Dr. Maisie performed the treatment from start to finish pleasantly, with safe hands, and with supreme professionalism.I would almost say it was a pleasure...I give Dr. Maisie Eliezer 100 points out of 100!
yosi shayyosi shay
12:18 24 May 23
Many thanks to Dr. Mizzy 💐I underwent gum surgery to improve my smile, and I got an amazing result! So thank you again for the professionalism, the gentleness and the relaxed and relaxing feeling in the clinic thanks to you and the skilled staffMai Shi 💐
Pera BergmanPera Bergman
14:24 06 Apr 23
Dr. Maisie Eliezer is an artist, in every sense of the word. From a situation of receding gums of 6 mm, today I can smile with teeth covered with beautiful and natural gums to the point that it is hard for me to believe that the smile is mine. Dr. Maisie's work is incredibly precise and aesthetic. Her attitude towards patients is incomparably gentle and kind. I highly recommend treatment at her clinic.
Boris YacubBoris Yacub
18:22 29 Mar 23
I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude to theDr. Meizi Eliezer and tostaff of the dental clinic.Professionalism at a very high levelThe wonderful and warm personal attitudeThank you from the bottom of my heart!
moshe mormoshe mor
08:07 06 Jan 23
No words can describe the wide and open smile she granted me..! (:Very professional handling and care. Kept me in the knowhow of each and every step along the way we did to restore my dental condition.I'm am grateful and warmly recommend !!
Shimshon GottesfeldShimshon Gottesfeld
10:19 22 Dec 22
Outstanding experience:I had 4 sick teeth extracted by Dr. Eliezer with practically no pain felt and no pain relievers needed after the multiple-extraction
Brenda KorbBrenda Korb
08:44 13 Nov 20
Implant: No pain, no swelling , feel fineAmazing!!!!!
Rotem InbarRotem Inbar
10:21 19 Oct 20
Dr. Meizi is amazing! I highly recommend her!
שי לוישי לוי
14:09 27 Sep 20
The best dentist doctor in Israel , professional and understanding , great clinic, she’s my favorite one
יניב גבאייניב גבאי
19:43 28 Jul 20
Professional, dedicated and super kind!!
laurent b.laurent b.
07:47 22 Jan 20
I came to see Dr. Eliezer with an infected root canal (which was "done" overseas).Scheduling was very easy: she was able to see me very quickly.Dr. Eliezer suggested a conservative approach (which I always prefer) and modified the anatomy of the tooth lightly. She then followed up with 2 personal phone calls to assure all is well.I found Dr. Eliezer very professional, with expert knowledge and very friendly. I would recommend her without hesitations to family and friends.
Peter BlakePeter Blake
16:00 19 Jan 20
Get your teeth into this brilliant Practice and you will reap the rewards
Carol BlakeCarol Blake
15:54 19 Jan 20
Expert and professional service from the heart.
Talia BlakeTalia Blake
13:22 19 Jan 20
Teeth looking great

Swiss Standards, Israeli Heart


Achieving Some of the Highest Results In Recession Coverage


Receding gum, inflamed gums & exposed root


recession coverage tooth 31 after
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